International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (IJPER) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published on behalf of the Rama-Eesh Charitable Trust, Greater Noida in association with Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational and Technical Education, Greater Noida. IJPER is a biannually published, international, journal devoted to various segments of pharmaceutical sciences and research. IJPER is run by a team of dedicated researchers from the academics and industrial community and is committed to publishing only quality manuscripts (original research, reviews, short communications, mini-reviews, and case reports) relevant to the various segments of Pharmaceutical Sciences. IJPER aims to share scientific outcomes of academic and industrial research on an integrated international online platform. IJPER is committed to serving the scientific community with the highest levels of Professional Ethical Conduct.


Open Access Policy

 To ensure maximum dissemination of information available on the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, IJPER website we have adopted Open Access policy. According to the Open Access policy, the published content on the IJPER website will be freely available without any registration or subscription in a readable form preferentially in PDF format from any part of the world. This Journal works on OJS/PKP platform and provides an interface for metadata harvesting and XML for Articles & Issues.

 Archiving Policy

 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research avails the services of CNKI and CiteFactor to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration.

 Peer-review and Publication Policy

 Manuscripts submitted to International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, IJPER first undergoes Editorial Review to determine the eligibility and appropriateness of manuscript as per the Journal’s scope. After finding the appropriateness of the manuscript, Editor-In-Chief will decide either to forward the manuscript for Review or reject it with suitable justifications.

 Accepted manuscripts after editorial review will be sent for review after obtaining the Copyright transfer form from authors. The manuscript will be reviewed by two subject experts in their respective fields. The comments of the reviewers will be considered and the comments of the reviewers will be forwarded to the corresponding author for revision as per the reviewer’s suggestions and Journal’s manuscript preparation guidelines. In case of negative comments on any manuscript the Editor-In-Chief may or may not allow the manuscript to a third reviewer. On the basis of his/her comments, Editor-In-Chief may consult with one or more members of the Editorial Board and reject/accept a manuscript on the second stage with proper justification. Before publication, the manuscript will be screened for grammar and technical parameters, and the Galley proof will be prepared and sent to the authors for the last time to identify corrections. After suggested corrections, the article is published with all relevant inclusions like Page numbers, DOI, etc.

 Associate editor and review editors provide the administrative support to maintain the integrity of the peer review process. IJPER follows strict and standard review and manuscript preparation guidelines from the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (ICMJE).

 Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, IJPER have adopted and follows the Publication Ethics and Malpractice guidelines issued by the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors, ICMJE and Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE with the objective to maintain ethical standards for publication in order to ensure quality publication of authentic scientific outcomes with proper credit to the original researchers.

 International Committee of Medical Journals Editors, ICMJE guidelines are followed for Publication Ethics related issues like:

 Roles & Responsibilities of Authors, Reviewers, Editors, and Publishers.

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Protection of interests of Research Participants
  • Issues related to Publishing and Editing
  • Manuscript Preparation and Submission

 Whereas Committee on Publication Ethics, COPE guidelines are followed for Publication Malpractice related issues like:

 Allegation of misconducts

  • Authorship and contributorship
  • Complaints and appeal
  • Conflict of Interest and Competing Interest
  • Data safety and reproducibility
  • Ethical oversight
  • Intellectual Property preservation
  • Peer Review Process
  • Post-publication discussions and corrections

 Copyright issues

 All the articles published in IJPER are disseminated through the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International license under which articles can be shared and used for non-commercial purposes with proper attribution and credit (citation) to the original writer.

In case of use of information available on the IJPER website, permission can be requested to the Editor-In-Chief by mailing at

 Plagiarism Policy

 All the authors willing to submit manuscripts to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, IJPER must ensure the originality of the contents drafting a manuscript.

 Use of work/findings/information/results of other researchers must be properly cited at appropriate places within the manuscript. IJPER uses Crossref Similarity Check software (i-Thenticate) to detect plagiarism. In case, plagiarism is detected during the review/editorial process, such manuscripts will be rejected immediately.

 If the plagiarism is proven after publication, such manuscript(s) will be retracted from the journal and an appropriate announcement will be placed in this regard. Authors involved in plagiarism will be debarred from publication in IJPER in the future.

 Policy statement for Conflict of interest (COI)

 All the authors publishing in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, IJPER are required to declare and disclose all the financial and possible conflicts of interest/ Competing Interests they may have with the publication of the manuscript or an institution or product that is mentioned in the manuscript and/or is important to the outcome of the study presented. Authors should also disclose conflicts of interest with products that compete with those mentioned in their manuscript. For more information on Conflict of Interest, see the guidelines from the ICMJE.

 Policy statement for Ethical Approvals (if applicable)

 Patient Rights

 Patients have a right to privacy, thus all studies including humans should be conducted with informed consent. The publication should not contain any identifying information of the subjects in written descriptions, photographs, and pedigrees unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the patient (or parent or guardian) gives written informed consent for publication. When informed consent has been obtained, it should be indicated in the article. Investigations with human subjects must follow the ethical standards formulated in the Helsinki Declaration of 1964, revised in 2008. All the experiments should be approved by the institutional human experimentation committee or equivalent.

Animal Rights

 Animal experiments must follow the ethical standards for the care and use of laboratory animals. The article involved the animal experiments must seek approval from the appropriate and CPCSEA (Committee for the Purpose of Control And Supervision of Experiments on Animals) in India or Institutional Ethical Committee in accordance with "Principles of Laboratory Animal Care" (NIH publication no. 85-23, revised 1985).

 Clinical trial registry

The authors are advised to register for the clinical trials with a clinical trial registry that allows free online access to the public. Registration in the following trial registers is acceptable: Clinical Trial Registry IndiaNetherlands Trial RegisterUMIN JapanNHMRC AustraliaUSNLMISRCTN registry, and other recognized institutions.

 APC Waiver Policy

 IJPER offers a full APC waiver for authors with financial restrictions provided the corresponding authors must apply for a waiver along with the manuscript submission. APC waiver requests can be submitted at  and